Welcome to Ingenious Creative

Ingenious Creative is a Sydney based design firm that will bring to life your conference, event, exhibition, advertising, or experiential marketing needs. Through stunning 3D graphics you will see your project take form. Once we’re sure you are happy, it can then be actualised.. anywhere.


Ingenious Creative’s principal designer Peter Meulman has over 15 years experience in both design and construction, here in Australia and overseas. He brings together artistic training, unique ideas, and through his construction knowledge, the technical know-how to create designs that can be efficiently built. Peter will guide you through the design process to most effectively meet your needs on time, and very importantly, within your budget.


So whether you have concrete ideas and want to see those transformed into reality, or you have a concept and need someone else to imagine, create and deliver, Ingenious Creative can make the design process easy for you.

Why us?

Through years of experience, that is a lot of hard work and small blessings, we’ve made it happen. We have done the jobs with the tight budgets, the impossible turnaround time and tricky bump-in, many times.


We can assist in as small or large a role as required. Our specialty is design, however we know construction well and have strong relationships with some of Sydney’s most trusted and experienced set builders. We know who’s good, and who can make it happen.


We interpret your ideas or brief, no matter how abstract and turn it into reality, on time and within your budget.






Amway Gala Dinner for 3500 people at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre


Carlton Draft travelling set for Hotels and Pubs


Juniper Conference at the Sheraton Sydney


Dockside Stand, winner of “Best Stand Award” 2011 and 2012 at Australian Business Expo at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre